Why Your Student Deserves ACT & SAT Prep Software

Every once in a while, you’ll see an article headline about a college dropping or de-emphasizing ACT or SAT scores in the admission process. And while schools like these grab an occasional headline, the reality is that many colleges are actually increasing the prominence of standardized test scores in determining admissions.

In an increasingly competitive college admissions client, a strong ACT or SAT score is crucial. And there are a number of ways that students can get an edge or advantage when taking these tests. Digital test aids have become better and better over the years, and hold an edge in certain areas over other methods of ACT and SAT prep.

You may want to consider ACT and/or SAT prep software for your child or student.

The Rising Importance of Standardized Test Scores

Certain studies have shown that the correlation between strong ACT or SAT test scores and success at a university isn’t as strong as certain other factors. So, why should colleges be factoring standardized test scores more than in the past?

Much of it has to do with the fierce competition admissions offices battle with each other for top students. Lists like U.S. News college rankings are regarded by families of prospective students as benchmarks for which colleges are the most prestigious. And the higher quality the university is perceived to be, the more applicators rate their future prospects.

U.S. News doesn’t factor high school GPA when judging enrollment classes. But they do look at ACT and SAT scores. These scores have a huge impact on where schools are rates. Therefore, colleges are incentivized to admit students with the highest standardized test scores, all things being equal.

Why SAT and ACT Prep Work is a Must

Students who prepare extensively for taking standardized tests do significantly better on them than students who don’t. And as the field becomes more competitive, increasing numbers of students are taking advantage of test aids of various kinds.

Unless your child or student is a natural prodigy, you’d be doing them a disservice by not investing in some kind of ACT or SAT study aids. When a higher score can mean the difference between being admitted or denied for their dream school, the cost of study aids seems like a small price to pay.

Why ACT and SAT Software Test Prep May Be the Right Choice for You

Many options are available for SAT and ACT test takers looking to prepare. Hiring a dedicated tutor is an option, as are enrollment in classes and course designed for test prep.

While for many students, an SAT or ACT tutor might be the ideal option, there’s a big barrier to hiring one – These tutors can be tremendously expensive. Again, more and more students are taking advantage of test prep, making tutoring a seller’s market.

If you’ve got that kind of money and can find a reliable and quality SAT/ACT tutor, that’s great. Many can’t use this option. The same problem exists for many of the test prep classes. They’re expensive, and on top of that the students often don’t get an abundance of one-on-one instruction. It’s easy for a student to get lost in the crowd, especially if they’re not as assertive or motivated as other students.

SAT/ACT software solutions can be a more affordable means of giving your child or student the edge they need before taking a standardized test. These software packages incorporate real questions from recent SAT and ACT tests, meaning the material your student will be working with is very close to or identical to what they’ll be encountering on the actual test.

Much of the recent software study aids have become increasingly sophisticated, going far beyond a simple practice test. Some programs are able to ‘learn’ based on your student’s answers and provide additional resources and focus on areas where the student is struggling, gradually tailoring the presentation toward their present weaknesses.

Kids and teenagers these days are increasingly comfortable in the digital world, and software solutions are often ones they feel more drawn to. While 20 years ago a paper practice test booklet might have felt most appropriate, nowadays most young people respond more readily to digital presentations.

The SAT and ACT aren’t going away any time soon. In fact, their importance has arguably never been greater. If you want to give your child or student the best chance of finding the ideal fit of a college, you’ll want to give them support in prepping for standardized tests. ACT and SAT software test prep applications are an excellent tool for that task.

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