Why Your Office Needs CPR Training

Workplace accidents can happen at any given time. What makes unexpected emergencies even more dangerous is when there’s no one around who is able to offer immediate medical attention necessary to save lives. People spend the majority of their day at their place of employment. Because of this, the likelihood of an emergency happening at the workplace is high. Employers need to invest money and time preparing their workers for some of the worst-case scenarios.

One of the most beneficial types of training office employers can offer their workers is cardiopulmonary resuscitation. This is also known as CPR training and is a type of emergency procedure your workers can perform on others using artificial ventilation and chest compressions to help someone suffering from cardiac arrest.

Even though CPR sounds simple to do, it needs to be done correctly for the victim to have the best chance at recovery. Below are some of the top reasons why your office needs to invest in CPR training.

CPR Can Save Lives

For adults over the age of 40, sudden cardiac arrest is one of the leading causes of death. When it comes to statistics, it is not surprising that many of these attacks happen while working. The survival rate of those who suffer sudden cardiac arrest is highly dependent on quick and effective medical attention. When CPR is administered in less than seven minutes after the attack, the survival rate for that individual can increase up to 60% or more.

The intention of CPR is to keep the individual’s blood circulation and organ systems regular until they can be seen by a medical professional. After sudden cardiac arrest, the survival rate will decrease by at least 10% each minute that CPR is not administered.

Reduce Workplace Accidents

When considering long-term benefits, CPR training for your office workers can train your employees on knowing how to avoid accidents. Part of the training course will teach about the impact certain accidents can have on the body including cardiac arrest. Many people often leave training with the desire to live healthier lives. This can result in a decrease in the chance of an employee having a heart attack.

CPR Knowledge Can Be Used Anywhere

When you offer CPR training in your office, you won’t only be giving them the knowledge and tools to be used solely at work. It can also be a valuable gift you are giving them that they can use anywhere. Employers should feel happy and proud knowing they are giving their workers the opportunity to learn a life-saving technique they may need to use one day.

Boost Employee Morale

Offering CPR classes and other first aid training classes can be fun and morale-boosting. It is an opportunity for your office to get together and work on team-building skills together. When employees learn valuable skills, they feel better about themselves and want to work harder.

Tailor The CPR Classes To Your Industry

Some places of employment have more health risks because of job tasks that are completed. A great thing about planning a CPR or basic first aid training class is that some companies will tailor it to your industry. The training can be made to better meet the needs of your company. Employees working in an office setting would need different training compared to those who work in the construction industry.

Long-Term Investment For Business Owners

Many business owners are hesitant about setting up a CPR training class for their office workers at first. It can be difficult to find the initial funding for smaller businesses. However, CPR training offers enormous benefits that should not be ignored. The training can be looked at like a long-term investment. You will be investing in the well-being and safety of the employees you have working for you. All of your employees are assets. You have already spent time and money helping them become integral people in your business.


If something happens to your workers, you would regret not setting up the necessary training that could have saved their lives. CPR classes are not an expense you can pass up. Your entire office will be more aware of their surroundings and practice safer work methods to bring down the number of accidents in the workplace.

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