Why Two-Way Radios Are An Essential Part Of Your Small Business

Why Two-Way Radios Are An Essential Part Of Your Small Business

If there is one thing that is essential to business success, it is clear and open channels of communication. Without it, many things can happen, including serious accidents, mistakes made on critical projects, and much more. As a result, productivity and safety are compromised, leading to decreased profits and other issues. Rather than let this happen, more and more companies are turning to two-way radios as a means to ensure the lines of communication remain open day and night. If you are considering using two-way radios for your small business, here are some important ways they can be of tremendous benefit to you and your employees.

Instant Communication with Coworkers

When you or your employees are involved in a complex project and a problem arises, it’s only natural to place a phone call in an attempt to get answers to your questions. However, if the person you need to reach is busy or out of their office, the result will be a critical delay in getting essential information. But by using two-way radios, this problem can be eliminated. By having employees carry these radios with them wherever they go, nobody will ever be out of touch with one another.

Increased Safety and Security

In the event an emergency situation takes place, two-way radios can be the difference between life and death. Whether it is a fire, medical emergency, natural disaster, or even the nightmare of an active shooter situation, these and other events can place you and your employees in great danger. Depending on what is taking place, it is possible cell phones may not work when needed. However, it is very likely two-way radios will continue to work through virtually any crisis, enabling you to coordinate efforts with other employees and get messages to first responders.

Voice Enhancement

At construction sites or in manufacturing environments, noise can be a tremendous factor when trying to make phone calls or communicate with employees. However, two-way radios can often solve this problem. Thanks to high-tech voice enhancement capabilities, most two-way radios can filter out many loud sounds found in various work environments. This allows for clearer communication, which can help you make sure nothing you say is misunderstood or left to chance. In addition, should an emergency situation occur, being able to filter out nearby noise will be vital to ensuring instructions are understood by everyone who may be in need of help.

Various Communication Options

Like cell phones, two-way radios offer various communication options for those using them. Along with being able to talk with others, many of today’s modern two-way radios also have built-in screens and keypads that make it possible to send text messages. This feature can be extremely important in emergency situations since it can offer multiple communication options. For example, in the event of an active shooter situation where speaking may not be an option, being able to send text messages with the radio can give emergency personnel key information about what is taking place.

Better Coordination of Personnel

At many job sites, personnel may be spread out over large distances, such as survey crews or others who may be involved in outdoor work. As a result, it can sometimes be difficult to properly coordinate personnel as is needed, especially if cell phone service is spotty or unavailable. By using two-way radios, this problem can be solved. With many radios that are designed specifically for use in the field, GPS capabilities are built-in, allowing for instant details regarding the location of workers.

Radio Conference Calls

If you need to speak with many different workers at once, most people think you will only be able to do so through a traditional telephone conference call. However, using two-way radios is a much better option, especially if workers are spread out over very large distances. By communicating quickly and easily with all employees, projects can be completed much more efficiently.

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