How to Vape in 5 Simple Steps

If you are aiming to enjoy the same experience with vaping that you usually get from smoking cigarettes, there are certain things you will need to get right first. For instance, the device that you use and the vape juice that you chose are crucial for making your smoking experience satisfactory. Regardless of the many kits present in the market, getting the best out of the vaping gear requires learning. Therefore, here is a guide to the steps that you can take when you decide to vape.

1- Choosing an Experience

Vaping is done with the sole purpose of giving any person the same experience they would get from smoking. The choices are, however, very versatile. Therefore, you will need to think critically about the experience that will be most enjoyable for you. You can start by figuring out the thing about smoking that you like. For instance, ask yourself if you prefer the feeling that nicotine gives you when you smoke and if you would prefer the same type of kit. If it is the smell of smoking that gives you satisfaction, then you can opt to go for choices that are centered on scents such as menthols and flavored kits. Other things to consider are the size of the package and the type of smoke they emit.

2- Choosing the Device

After deciding on the kind of vaper you want to be, the next step requires you to select a device that fits you best. For instance, if your taste is based on having the nicotine hit, selecting a device that has a heating element with very high resistance will work great for you. Devices that do not require this much power use vape juice with high levels of nicotine. Their batteries last longer since they need less power than the devices that require high energy, they are smaller in size, and more discreet. However, the amount of cloud that they produce is much less than the bigger powerful vapes. Thus, they are perfect for use when you do not want to be noticed.

3- Choosing Vape Juice

Vape juice is ideally a liquid that contains flavorings, a humectant, and some nicotine. The juice is generally put in the vape according to the instructions given in the kit. It is often ready to use. Because of the variety of vape juice in the market and the endless number of brands available, choosing one for the first time can seem intimidating. Nevertheless, only two things are critical in making your decision: the amount of nicotine you want and the flavor you prefer. Also, the choice should go hand in hand with the device that you are using. For instance, a device that produces more cloud will have high power thus the amount of nicotine in the vape juice should be minimal.

4- Choosing Parts

The next step you will need to take is to select the two most critical spare parts necessary for vaping, coils and batteries. Since coils are included in every device, they are the essential spare part you will need. Coils need replacement regularly as instructed by the device instructions since they wear out over time. A worn out coil produces vapor with a bitter taste due to the constant heating and cooling process. Most vapers need their coils replaced at least once a week. Some devices do not require a battery change. However, if the one that you are using needs a change in the battery, you will need spares as well. The batteries should be stored safely to avoid accidents. If your device uses a built-in battery, getting a backup device will work as a spare.

5- Follow Instructions and Vape

As much as it may seem obvious, always read the instructions that are on your vape kit before you start using it. Instructions complete the process you need to get a satisfying vaping experience. Once you fill the tank with vape juice, let it sit for about 5 minutes so that you can ensure that the coil has been entirely covered with the liquid. This ensures that you do not have a dry hit and that the coil remains unharmed.

Now that you have completed the five steps, start vaping!

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