How to Tell Your Teen is Ready to Study Abroad

The teen years are an important time for physical, intellectual and emotional growth. Teens are constantly testing boundaries and thinking about what they can do in life. Parents want to offer their kids the most they can from the world right now. One way for a teen to expand their horizons is by studying abroad. Studying abroad has many benefits. Kids can experience a whole new culture firsthand. If your child wants to head to another country, here are some indications they are ready right now.

Assumes Responsibility

Spending time abroad is a huge responsibility. Many programs offer teens a place to live and time with a host family. At the same time, the teen will often spend a lot of their time on their own. A teen may also be asked to assume certain household responsibilities when they’re abroad. The teen who does chores at home without being asked is someone who is likely to be ready to receive information from their host family and get along well in the new setting.

Fascinated By The Subject

Many teens would like to study abroad because they have a highly specific interest in a given subject. For example, they might want to study in Germany because they are very interested in classic musical composition. A teen who demonstrates their ability and interest in a subject in that part of the world is one who is likely to make the most of their time at that area and get a great deal from it. It’s a good idea for parents to look into the possibilities when they are abroad. Separate trips can be arranged to help them explore the region in greater detail.

Good Grades

Those kids who have really good grades have demonstrated they are committed to doing well in anything they try. A teen who makes the honor roll or high honor roll indicates they are going to embrace their new location and study really hard. Kids who have excellent academic skills are kids who can do well in a new school system. They know how to respond to a teacher’s request and follow their instructions in order to get equally good grades when they are abroad. Good students at home tend to make good students when they are abroad.

Mastered a Foreign Language

Mastering a foreign language is an indication the teen is ready to head to another place. Kids who can communicate in France in French are those who are likely to do well and interact well with locals as they study. Even understanding the basics can help them make the most of out of their trip. A child benefits from further immersion in that language and will sharpen their reading, writing, and speaking skills just by being in that area with a peer group. Parents can relax knowing their child is going to get the ideal firsthand instruction.

Navigates Local Community

A teen who has repeatedly demonstrated they know how to get around their hometown is one who is ready for travel to another place. Kids who can take public transport methods like the bus or the mass transit system should have no problem doing the same when they are abroad. A child who understands how to read a map and get where they are going should find a new city relatively easy. Ask a teen to show they can get to school on their own if possible. If they can do it for a month, they’re likely ready to do it at a new school abroad.

Reacts Well to New Situations

Being far from home means facing all kinds of new situations. A child who has shown they respond well to unexpected twists and turns is one who can do the same when they away from home. Being able to respond to sudden changes and keep calm means the child is less likely to get angry and react well when under pressure. These are all signs of maturity and an indication that the teen is starting to enter the realm of adulthood. Such skills will serve them well when they are in a new place.

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