How To Plan Your School’s Red Ribbon Week

At many schools, Red Ribbon Week is one of the busiest times each year. An annual event each October, it focuses on helping students avoid the pitfalls associated with drug use and abuse. Through various activities on such topics as the types of drugs and their effects on individuals, how to spot potential drug abuse in other students, and many more related topics, this week is looked upon as an extremely important way to keep students safe. But since Red Ribbon Week is so important, it is also crucial to make sure you plan accordingly. To make sure this upcoming Red Ribbon Week is the best yet, here are some great ideas for how to plan your school’s week.

1- Plan a School-Wide Rally

If you really want to get Red Ribbon Week off to a great start, plan a school-wide rally for everyone. As everyone knows, there is nothing better to get students, teachers, and staff excited than a good old-fashioned pep rally. By having everyone on hand to kick off the week, this can serve as a great way to talk about upcoming events, activities, and the importance of Red Ribbon Week. More details on having a school-wide rally can be found here.

2- Make Each Day a Theme Day

One of the best ways to get students, teachers, and staff involved in Red Ribbon Week is to make each day a Theme Day. For example, one day can be designated Wear Red Day, where everyone comes to school wearing red to show their support for drug abuse prevention. And if you like, make another day Shade Out Drugs Day, where everyone comes to school wearing their favorite pair of sunglasses. Not only will this send a message, but it will also give everyone a chance to see how their favorite teacher or staff member looks when wearing their cool pair of sunglasses. If you want to learn more about theme days, visit here.

3- Declare Red Ribbon Week in Your Community

Along with getting everyone at your school involved in Red Ribbon Week, it may also be possible to work with local government officials to have them declare a Red Ribbon Week in your community. By doing so, any number of events can be planned, such as a Red Ribbon Week Parade. If you want to go all-out on this, you can probably get police officers, fire and rescue personnel, marching bands, churches, and plenty of other local groups and organizations to participate, making this year’s Red Ribbon Week the best yet.

4- Have a Sign Contest

Since many students always like to draw and use their creative abilities, consider having a sign contest among various classrooms during Red Ribbon Week. By having each class put their artistic skills to work designing and creating Red Ribbon Week posters, signs, banners, and other artwork, you will be sure to have everyone involved in an activity that will be fun and entertaining. And best of all, as an incentive to have everyone give it their all, you can offer a prize for the winning classroom, such as a pizza party or free gifts such as hats, backpacks, or other items.

5- Involve Local Celebrities

To make Red Ribbon Week even more memorable, try to involve local celebrities in your activities. No matter how big or small your community may be, there are plenty of high-profile people who would be glad to help out during the week. In many towns and cities, involving local college and professional athletes is a great idea, since they can speak to the kids on the importance of leading a drug-free and healthy lifestyle. Along with local athletes, try to have local musicians also stop by to give a free concert to everyone. By putting on your thinking cap, you should be able to come up with plenty of local celebrities you can contact to ask about their willingness to participate.

By getting everyone involved in Red Ribbon Week, you should be able to have a week that is filled with fun activities each day. In doing so, you’ll be doing your part to ensure children in your school and community strive to lead a safe and drug-free life.

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