How To Lose Weight & Gain Muscle This Fall

As the weather becomes cooler in the autumn, you can continue to exercise several times a week to increase your muscle strength. By exercising throughout the autumn, you are less likely to gain weight over the holidays. You might wonder if it is possible to exercise in colder temperature or when it is raining, but with the proper planning, you can continue to enjoy physical activities. Here are a few types of exercise that you can participate in during the autumn season.

Exercise 1: Hiking In the Mountains or Woods

Autumn is the perfect time for hiking because you can also see the changing plant foliage. In addition, birds and mammals are busy preparing for the winter, giving you an opportunity to enjoy wildlife. More importantly, you can lose weight by hiking while having fun, and if you walk up or down slopes, then you will increase the muscle strength in your legs and back.

Exercise 2: Cycling On Your Bicycle

You can dress in warm blue jeans and a flannel shirt to ride your bicycle at a local park. Bring along a jacket in a storage basket so that you are prepared when the temperatures drop. Cycling on a bicycle is an excellent way to burn calories, and you can develop strong muscles, especially in your lower body.

Exercise 3: Lifting Weights At a Gym

If there is a rainy day in the autumn, then visit the gym to use its assortment of free weights. Most gyms also have special machines that have weights so that you can increase the muscle mass in your shoulders, thighs and hips. If you don’t know how to use the weights in the correct way, then you can have a personal trainer teach you how to use the items.

Exercise 4: Running Through Your Neighborhood

You can continue to run for exercise in the autumn, and this is one of the best types of exercise for burning a lot of calories. When you run in colder weather, it is essential to wear the right types of garments to prevent muscle cramps. Layering clothing is a perfect choice because you can remove a jacket when you are hot. In addition, wear shoes that will grip the wet pavement when it is raining.

Exercise 5: Roller-skating At a Local Rink

Find a local roller-skating rink where you can bring your own skates or rent skates. Protect your knees and elbows with pads while skating for 45 to 60 minutes. Roller-skating will help you to lose weight, but the physical activity will also build muscle throughout your body. In addition, this is an activity that is appropriate for everyone in your family.

Exercise 6: Go Golfing With Your Friends

Most golf courses stay open in the autumn so you can enjoy a game of golf with your friends. Walking on a golf course is fantastic exercise that burns calories, but you will also exercise your arms, shoulders and back while swinging the clubs. You will gain muscle strength in your back and legs while playing golf.

Exercise 7: Walk Your Dog Each Day

Take your dog for a walk each day so that you can lose weight and increase your muscle mass. There are studies that family pets are gaining weight from lack of activity, and rather than watching television in the evening, you can enjoy a brisk walk. Bring along a flashlight and your smartphone while walking after dark.

Exercise 8: Enroll In a Yoga Class

You might think that yoga postures are easy to perform, but there are also complex poses that require a lot of strength. If you enroll in a yoga class, you can burn calories while increasing your muscle strength. After several months of practice, you will have better balance and flexibility so that you can perform the complicated yoga poses.

Exercise 9: Horseback Riding Is Fun In the Autumn

While you may think that only the horse is burning calories and gaining muscle mass, you can also enjoy these benefits while horseback riding. Riding a horse at a faster pace will burn more calories, and you will also need to hold onto the saddle with your hips and thighs.

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