How to Avoid the 4 Most Common Traffic Tickets in Washington

Driving is a skill that comes with a huge responsibility because lives are always on the line the moment you sit behind your steering wheel. Thus, states like Washington impose strict laws to make sure that you are always a defensive type of driver that follows all the rules and regulations. Washington is known to issue 2,300 tickets each day. Aside from incurring steep penalties from these tickets, you run the risk of having that on your driving record for five years. Though this state does not have a point system in place, having too many traffic tickets under your name can be used as a ground to get your license suspended. How do you avoid the most 4 common traffic tickets in Washington:

Do Not Over Speed

If you do not want to pay for a hefty traffic violation, then be sure to abide by the speed limits imposed by the highway patrol group. In Washington State, the freeway speed limit is 70 mph. As for the interior highways, signs are posted along the roads. Be sure to follow what the signage says or risk getting caught. Major thoroughfares are equipped with speed cameras. On top of that, police officers in Washington always patrol the area to keep an eye on errant drivers for the sake of safety. They can easily catch you with their speed guns, so watch out and follow the law.

Do Not Park Illegally

Parking illegally will guarantee that you are coming home with a traffic ticket. To avoid this, park your vehicle accurately. Read the signs on the road to make sure you are informed. Ignorance of the laws and regulations do not excuse anyone. Aside from that, be sure to feed your parking meters and take note of the time. It is your responsibility to come back and top up the machine when the time is almost running out.

Do Not Disregard Stop Signs

Stops sings and yield signs abound in this state. When you encounter that hexagonal stop sign in a busy intersection, make sure that you come to a complete and full stop. A rolling stop, where you lightly press on the brake, does not count. Enforcers strictly implement this regulation because failure to stop can cause deadly coalitions. In addition, Yield to the inverse triangular signs. Yield means you have to proceed with caution by checking both sides for oncoming traffic before you traverse the road. Failure to comply with these traffic signs means you’re going to get a ticket.

Do Not Forget the Seat Belt Law

In Washington, there is a primary seat belt law that grants police officers and other law enforcement officials the right to issue a ticket to a driver for not wearing a seat belt even if no other driving offenses have been committed. Not wearing a seat belt comes with a hefty fine so be sure you are always put it on if you are behind the steering wheel. On top of that, make sure your passengers are also wearing their belts. Children must be placed in proper car seats or booster seats, so you can avoid being fined.

It is important to note that In Washington, you have fifteen days to respond to a traffic ticket or the situation will escalate. If you do not give an immediate response, you could face additional penalties like added fines or a suspension of your license. You can opt to contest your ticket by appearing in court and appealing your case, especially if you are confident that you do not have any faults, so it can stay off your records. Remember, lives are on the line when you get behind the wheel so follow all the rules and regulations.

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