How Hospitals are Trying to Streamline Efficiency

Hospitals around the world must have efficient operations to keep up with patient visits. In fact, this is the case for all healthcare facilities. Whether the visits are for a slip and fall at work, surgery or the flu, there are times when hospitals are exceptionally busy. Check out the information below on how hospital administrators and healthcare teams are streamlining efficiency.

Conducting Advanced Insurance Validation

While it isn’t always possible, there are some occasions when you can validate patient insurance in advance. Insurance validation is a process that takes time and can boost operational efficiency when handled before patients arrive to the hospital. There are instances when verifying insurance over the phone will allow you an opportunity to reschedule appointments when necessary. For instance, some patients schedule non-emergency visits not realizing their insurance is not yet valid. Having this information will give you a chance to put someone else in that slot. Finding out that the insurance is invalid after they have already arrived can cause you to lose time.

Providing Clear Patient Instructions

When healthcare services are scheduled in advance, there is usually a sufficient amount of time to provide clear patient instructions. Hospitals endeavoring to streamline their operations will provide instructions for anything that requires preparation. For instance, if the patient will need to provide a urine sample, they should be instructed to drink plenty of water to avoid a long wait time to procure the sample. Even short delays will start to add up and result in hours of lost time each day.

Offering Online Patient Intake Forms

Another way hospitals are streamlining efficiency is by offering online patient intake forms that can be completed before the appointment. Patients can either provide information online or by email. This gives hospital administrators a chance to make any necessary preparations so that healthcare teams are prepared. It also results in patient care that’s faster and of higher quality.

Using Innovative Technology

Perhaps the best way hospital environments are becoming more efficient is through the use of different technologies. For instance, there was a time when patients would be called by phone to confirm their appointment. Now these tasks can be automated using software that either makes calls or sends confirmation email messages. In fact, it’s possible for patients to choose how they want to be alerted about appointments.

A big change that has occurred over the past decade is the use of electronic health records to replace paper files. This has drastically increased efficiency because everyone authorized can have easy access to the information needed. When medical information is only available in a filing cabinet instead of on a computer, a lot more time is required to complete each hospital visit. There are even some hospitals that use tablets to make it easier for doctors and nurses to access information. Mobile devices also enable personnel to input medical information quickly.

When it comes to accessing medical data, there are some instances when a single or limited computer terminals are dedicated for that purpose. When this is the case, a computer can be established in an area of the office that’s easily accessible by authorized personnel. Another reason why this is beneficial is because it prevents the need to search for documents and important information. There are different options for electronic recordkeeping that are beneficial.

Setting up exam rooms and administrative areas of a hospital for operational efficiency is imperative. When there isn’t an optimal flow, it’s easy to waste time. How a room is set up should be based on the order in which things occur. These are all examples of what hospitals are doing for greater efficiency. In addition to it having an impact on the quality of service provided, it’s also improving the bottom line. Greater efficiency results in lower expenses, which is good for everyone.

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