Motricity To Acquire Adenyo – Leading Mobile Adveritising And Analytics Solutions Provider

Motricity is to acquire the advertising and analytics solutions provider Adenyo Inc.

The transaction will cost Motricity Inc $100 million. $49.1 million was paid upfront and with the remainder to be paid for with shares.

Additionally, Adenyo can stand to gain another $50 million – as verified in a deed with the Securities and Exchange Commission in the U.S.

With the acquisition, Motricity Inc is aiming to take advantage of Adenyo’s sway as a leading mobile advertising and analytics service.

Motricity will be expanding mCore, the software service and the purchase should help boost Motricity’s abilities to do so.

It is hoped that the corporation will now be able to really press into new and targeted markets.

This will not affect the company’s customers, a spokesperson said, but give their client base the chance to use mobile internet to the full.

They stated that the purchase of the mobile advertising and analytics service provider would help massively improve their customer relations and expert professionalism, as well as of course being a massive boon for the company’s technology.

Motricity said that their plans were to utilize the merged companies staff members to help expand the firm’s business base overall.

The inclusion of the mobile advertising and smart phone adoption will only prove to strengthen the brand’s grip on their market share.

This purchase means that Motricity has at a stroke vastly increased its clients and sales base and has added another string to its bow, with the advertising wing of the mobile marketing firm as well.

Also, Motricity will be able to capitalize on the mobile data provision that it can offer to its clients.

Expansion in the arena of advertising and mobile marketing continues to grow and it is predicted to be a lucrative area for the company.

With Adenyo’s customer list incorporating ad agencies, media firms and various blue-chip brand names, this can only grow the Motricity profile further.

The mobile advertising provider specializes in assisting their clients to grow their customers with both tailored marketing campaigns on mobiles and mobile advertising. This is something they encourage their clients to expand across all devices such as tablets.

Customers which Adenyo partner with comprise of household names such as Coca Cola, Paramount Pictures, McDonald’s and AT&T.

More recently, the firm has acquired brand leaders such as Kraft, Samsung and Visa to that list.

The firm has stated that this merger is to be part of a continuing strategy to help service brand names and agencies to be able to take advantage of mobile marketing and get the lion’s share of the revenue streams available to them.

Now Motricity are poised to become an even more formidable player on the global stage. It also means that they can now crack the smart phone market.

They are confident that now, with the acquisition of Adenyo, they will be able to offer all their clients the benefit of the full range of data analytics and mobile marketing they need to become brand leaders and market winners.

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