A Guide for Organizing Your New Apartment

Moving into a new apartment is an exciting experience for most people. However, the actual moving can be hectic especially when you have a lot of stuff to move with. As you probably know already, the secret to avoiding stress when moving house is proper planning. Plan beforehand on what needs to be done in terms of which items will go into which place. Luckily, this article will come in handy when organizing your new apartment.

Use of Over-the-door Organizers

The first thing to do when organizing your new apartment is to use space efficiently. You must utilize the available room properly. For example, by using over-the-door holders to store items. You can hang shoes, cans, oils, sprays and other items over these organizers rather than going for cupboards or cabinets. You may be surprised at learning that some of these over-the-door organizers cost but a few dollars with some going for as little as 10 dollars. If you already have a cabinet, you can also put the doors to some use with smaller over-the-door organizers to store the light items.

Make Use of Corners

In most households, corners are rarely put to use as most items are simply not meant to occupy them without sacrificing a part of their function. You can, however, install corner shelves that will allow you to utilize these spaces. Suitable items for corner storage include flowerpots, bottles, art and even books. Lights with stands can also be put on a corner shelf as the light from this position covers larger areas than when placed against the wall. Always keep in mind to check the size of the corner shelf. If you get one that is too large, it may even eat up space instead of saving it.

Use a Rolling Storage Pantry

Most storage items such as cabinets and fridges leave a small space is located next to a wall to allow the door to open up. To utilize this space, get a rolling storage pantry that is as large as you need it. You can store it in bottles and many other items that do not need refrigeration. For most people, a storage pantry can store as much as they would normally put into a cabinet. The aim is to make use of that small space that rarely stores anything in most homes.

Use Hooks in All Rooms

Hooks can store just about everything in the home; from cups and kettles in the kitchen to towels in the bathroom and clothes in the bedroom. A line of hooks can store as much as (or even more than) a cabinet for the chosen items. Better yet, it is easy retrieving items from hooks than from cabinets and cupboards. When using hooks, always make sure that they are properly secured to avoid breaking your items. Make sure the rods you use on the upper ends of the hooks or the glue used to secure them on the wall is strong enough to hold the items you choose to hang on them.

Find a Theme for Your Apartment

For most people, getting a theme is as simple as finding the right color to use in the home or ways of arranging things. The best way to attain the theme you desire is to start from the beginning rather than having to reorganize the apartment once you have already settled in. It will act as a guideline to setting up your new apartment by giving you ideas on what will work and what might not.


Setting up an apartment is no easy task no matter its size. You have to plan beforehand to ensure that everything falls into place. Perhaps one of the most important things to do is to save on space before anything else. Once you have room, you can arrange the items you have brought in from your previous apartment with ease. You do not need the skills of an interior designer to get your new apartment organized and attractive.

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