9 Items to Look for During an Apartment Hunt

An apartment hunt can be a lot easier when you know what to look for. There are quite a few things to consider. You will want to look at different areas in the city as well as different apartment buildings within a specific area. Once you find a place that checks all of your boxes, it’s easier to make a decision.


Consider the various neighborhoods within a particular city. Some areas may be closer to schools or places of worship. Further, one neighborhood may be closer to some of your favorite restaurants or other places of interest.

Commute Time

The commute time to work has to be a consideration. Depending on the city, the route that you take to work may or may not include tolls, too. On average, the commute to work around the United States is 26.1 minutes. However, if your commute is going to be longer from where your apartment is, you have to decide if it’s worth it or not.

Proximity to Shopping

There’s a lot to be said about convenience. If you’re 20 minutes away from the nearest grocery store or shopping mall, it can be inconvenient to get the things that you need. Take the time to look at where an apartment building is in comparison to various shopping centers. This way, you can decide whether you are close enough to what you need. There’s nothing worse than moving into an apartment and, then, realizing that you’re too far from a grocery store.

Crime Rate

The crime rate should be reviewed. High crime rates can have a negative impact on your auto insurance as well as your renters insurance. Find out what the property crimes are and what the violent crimes are. See how it compares to the crimes in the city as a whole to see whether you’re in a safer area. 100 is the standard rating on a crime index to identify the safest that you can be.

Square Footage

You likely have a requirement in your head in terms of desired square footage. This will depend on how many people will be living with you. The square footage may also be divided into a specific number of rooms and bathrooms. Don’t be afraid to review the floorplan to see how the square footage is spread out across the apartment, too.


It’s important to look at what kind of storage is available to you within your apartment. Some models will have storage on the patio or balcony. Others will have storage units that you can rent on premises. Be sure that you have enough storage for all of your belongings. Otherwise, you could end up with boxes in the corner of your living room.


Every apartment complex has a list of amenities that you can access as a resident. A pool, hot tub, tennis courts, and fitness center are some of the more common amenities. You may also have access to a dog park, a car wash area, and even a business center. Decide what amenities are important to help you determine the right apartment.

Rent Costs

Find out what the rent is going to be. First-floor apartments and those with the best views tend to be at a premium. Also, consider what’s included in your rent. You may have trash, water, and other expenses to pay on top of the rent itself.

The cost to Move In

Look at the cost to move into the apartment. This could include application costs and deposits. If you have pets, there may be deposits for them, too. Once you review more about the area and the apartment itself, you can decide whether it will meet all of your needs or not. Don’t hesitate to view a few apartments in person to get a feel for what it is that you want.

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