7 Unique Ways to Show Your Love of Animals Through Fashion

I believe it’s human nature for people to treat their animals like family. I have two furry Shih Tzus and I love them dearly. I have had my puppies for about one year now. Since welcoming my puppies to the family, I have found unique ways to make them feel included. One way that I’ve helped my puppies feel included is through fashion. Each time I dress my puppies in fashionable clothes, their whole demeanor changes. I can tell that they feel more confident and affectionate, once they’re dressed in fashionable attire. I am going to share my animal fashion secrets with you, so that you can also help your animal feel loved through fashion. You should know that your pet doesn’t have to be a dog to experience a fashionable life. Animals like cats, rabbits, birds, and many others also have clothes that can be easily accessed at your local pet store. Use my secrets listed below; after using my tips, the relationship between you and your pet will be overfilled with love!

1- Practice Basic Hygiene

Even though you may not realize this, hygiene is a major portion of fashion. Even if you are dressed in the latest attire, you won’t feel completed unless your basic hygiene needs are pet. Similarly, your pet feels the way! Before dressing your pet in the hottest fashion, please be sure to brush his or her teeth, wash his or her face, and clean the sanitary area. Once you’ve done this, your pet will automatically feel refreshed. Your pet will appreciate the extra time that you invested into he or she to ensure comfort.

2- Snuggly Pajamas

Just let humans, our animals love to feel warm, snuggly, soft fabrics, especially at night. Try purchasing your pet some quality pajamas made with soft fabric. Your animal will appreciate the comfort that the fabric provides he or she with during bed time. If you want to get fancy, you can choose to purchase unique designed pajamas like zebra, cheetah, or stripped print for you animal. Your pet’s sleep quality should improve after being snuggled at night by the comfortable pajamas you provided. A good night’s sleep will definitely make your pet love you more and it will improve your pet’s mode throughout the day!

3- Special Occasion Attire

When the holidays roll around, don’t leave your pet out of the equation! If you’re anything like my family, we always dress up for holidays like Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day. When these holidays come, be sure to get your animal a beautiful gown or tuxedo to wear. Allowing your animal to dress to impress with you on these special days will make he or she feel more loved and included. Your pet will also receive tons of attention from your guest due to how cute they look! If you animal loves attention, this is certainly a great idea for you!

4- Get Creative on Halloween

Halloween is a great time of the year for adults, children and even animals! We all can agree that it is fun to pretend like something were not for one day throughout the year. This Halloween, try purchasing your animal a costume. Surprisingly, animals have just as many costumes as humans do. One year, I dressed my dogs as hamburger and fries! It was fun; they could not stop looking in the mirror at themselves!

5- Hot Weather? Try a Hat or Visor

We all know that no matter what kind of animal you have, sometimes the heat can be too much for them to handle. However, we don’t think about protecting their eyes from the sun very often. If you live in city that has very hot summers, try purchasing your animal a hat or visor. Doing so will help your animal’s vision healthy.

6- Swim Trunks in Pools

Most people let their animals swim in pools without swim trunks. However, the truth is, your animal will appreciate you if you purchase swim trunks for he or she. The reason for this is because their sanitary areas will be protected. You can also use this as an opportunity to customize the swim trunks.

7- Customize Your Animal’s Pendant or Collar

This is a very important fashion tip. Regardless of the type of animal you have, it’s important to customize their pendants or collars. If your pet is ever lost, someone will be able to easily contact you. In addition, customizes these items for your pet can also be fun and fashionable.


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