7 Tips for Selecting Your Wedding Band

You already bought the engagement ring, and now that your wedding is officially on, you have to pick the perfect wedding band. Before settling on the ideal wedding band, here are some factors to consider.

1. Narrow down your wedding band choices

Decide whether you want gold, diamond, platinum or gemstone for your band. Narrowing down your options might seem overwhelming at first, but it will pay off eventually. Take a step at a time. Begin by evaluating your lifestyle. Are you looking to get a band with ornaments or do you want a simple ring? Would you want a band with the same metal as the engagement ring? Should your ring and that of your partner match? Figure out these issues beforehand so that you are sure of what you want before shopping for the bands.

2. Set a budget

When deciding your wedding budget, assume that four percent of your overall budget will go into purchasing the rings. You can also get an estimate from a dealer. Remember to factor in the cost of adornments such as engraving and diamonds, because they can escalate the price considerably. The cost of engraving usually depends on the font used and the number of characters. Bands that are engraved by hand are generally pricier than those engraved by a machine.

3. Create a blend

Don’t freak out if you love gold yet your partner prefers platinum. There is no limitation as to the various styles that the partners can have. If you like, you may choose bands that blend, and if you don’t, you can pick rings that are distinct. The critical factor is to find bands that you both love as well as what reflects your individual styles.

4. Start researching early

After you have a rough idea of the type of ring to buy, it’s time you start shopping. Allow yourselves enough time to research before buying. This can be about two months before the wedding. Take time to browse the available rings and their prices. Remember that buying a wedding band is a costly affair so you should get something that catches your eye. If you want a custom ring, you will require more time to shop than you would need for a readymade band. Couples who would like their rings to be engraved should start researching three months before the wedding.

5. Consider your lifestyle

Remember that you will have this band on your finger for the most of your lifetime. Therefore, it is essential to get a band that matches your lifestyle seamlessly. For instance, if you use both hands when working, you should go for a simple, solid metal band. It should not have any carvings because they might trap dirt. Also, avoid a gemstone ring because it might become loose. If you are into sports, select a slim ring that has round, smooth edges. People who are incredibly active should choose wedding bands that are made with platinum because it is extra durable.

6. Keep maintenance in mind

Keeping a wedding band sparkling and clean requires some effort. Stone rings need washing, soaking in sudsy water and eventually rushing them with a brush that has soft bristles. Remember that a lot of pressure can make the stones lose. The final step is drying the ring using a soft cloth. If this sounds like too much work, go for platinum of decoration-free gold ring.

7. Think long-term

Although getting a fashionable wedding band is a good idea, you should ensure that the style you select is something you will be happy wearing for several decades. All the same, don’t stress too much. After all, you are not married to the ring, but to your partner, so, you can change the ring at will. Also, you may make changes to it, such as adding some diamonds. Another factor you should consider when looking at the longevity of the band is its quality. Ensure that it has two marks on the inside; the quality mark and the manufacturer’s trademark. The latter proves that the company is proud of its work, which implies that the ring is of high quality. The former indicates that the metal quality is as the retailer claims.

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