7 Management Tips for Preventing Stress in the Office

7 Management Tips for Preventing Stress in the Office

As family members pass away, debt piles up, relationships crumble, and children fall ill, stress is inevitable. When your employees are stressed out, workplace morale suffers, and consequently, so does productivity levels. As an employer, it is your duty to ensure that the workplace doesn’t contribute to or become damaged by these unfavorable emotions. Here are seven management tips for preventing stress in the office.

1. Set Clear Expectations

Anyone would get stressed out when they aren’t sure as to what is expected of them and whether they are performing up to the standard. To avoid any complications, thoroughly explain all tasks and procedures, urging everyone to ask any necessary questions. Also, providing regular feedback and suggestions can help to alleviate some of the pressure.

2. Form An Open-Door Policy

The disconnect between employees and those of higher positions can create brewing tension in the workplace. People like their voices heard and their opinions considered. Creating an open-door policy will bridge the communication gap and remind your staff that they are both respected and valued.

3. Encourage Regular Breaks

Though they vary from state to state, there are strict laws regarding breaks, but yet, many employers still fail to encourage these helpful pauses throughout the workday. Breaktimes are critical as they allow for time to recharge and gain mental clarity. Though some people would prefer to work through these small periods, you should advise them to walk away from their workstation and place their attention elsewhere for the moment.

4. Offer More Flexibility

If you aren’t permitting flexible work hours and alternate work options, you are behind the curve and may lose valuable employees as a result. Paid time off and schedule leniency will promote company loyalty, as workers will appreciate that you have a genuine interest in creating healthy work-life balances. Also, like many progressive employers, you may benefit from allowing your responsible employees to work remotely as a means to accommodate their specific needs and reward them for their hard work.

5. Promote Physical and Mental Wellness

Remind your employees that their health is wealth by offering affordable healthcare options and providing an employee helpline dedicated to serving those who need additional support and encouragement during high-stress periods. Replace the junk food in your vending machines for nutritious snacks and offer healthy cafeteria foods. You can even turn one of the breakrooms into a gym and create monthly fitness challenges, weekend boot camps, and other physical events to keep your staff active.

6. Place A Large Focus On Employee Appreciation

Making your employees feel unappreciated is a sure way to keep stress flowing in the workplace. A little acknowledgment goes a long way. If you want to boost morale and keep your employees motivated, give them praise. A simple email or a shoutout during the morning meeting can do wonders for one’s mood. Consider creating an employee bulletin board or newsletter detailing both work and homelife accomplishments. Give out gift cards, vouchers, and paid time off as tokens of appreciation. You don’t have to break the bank when rewarding your employees. The gesture alone will breed positive responses and gratitude.

7. Form Employee Events

It’s hard to stay stressed when there is an employee event on the rise. You don’t really need a reason to celebrate, so get creative with your ideas. Hosting an employee award ceremony will provide an excellent platform to identify your top performers and retain happy staff members. Food, music, and raffles will make the event more impressive. Dressup days are another way to boost excitement while working within your budget, and you could present a prize to the person wearing the best costume.

You can’t prevent life from happening to your employees, but creating a more rewarding work environment can go a long way. The more compassion you exhibit, the happier others around you will remain.

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