7 Budget-Friendly Ways to Use Gabions in Landscaping

If you have never heard of gabions, you are probably not alone. However, the term has been around since ancient times, and is an effective landscaping method used in a variety of ways. Derived from an Italian word meaning “big cage,” gabions are most commonly box-shaped caged enclosures filled with large rocks that are used for many purposes. In ancient times, they were used by military units to protect soldiers, and have also been used in civil engineering and other fields to help build roads and prevent landslides. But in recent years, gabions have found their way more and more into various types of landscaping projects in yards around the world and have offered many new and innovative ways to make one’s yard unique and inspiring. If you would like to add gabions to your home’s outdoor decor, here are seven budget-friendly ways to use gabions in landscaping.

1- Garden Stairways

If like most backyard garden areas yours is filled with multiple levels to climb, adding a gabion stairway is a great idea. Not only will it allow you and others to more easily go from one area of the garden to another, but gabions will also add much more texture to your outdoor space. And best of all, the stairways can be made to be any size, and will hold up very well under the elements.

2- Garbage Can Storage

If you don’t want to be staring at your trash cans all the time, use gabions to create a storage space for your garbage cans. Along with hiding the cans, gabions can give an added level of privacy to your yard and can also add more height to a garden area that may be flat in many spots. Best of all, the gabion can be topped off with various types of plants, giving your yard yet another touch of greenery.

3- Garden Benches

If there is one thing many people love to do in their gardens, it is to sit and reflect on the beauty before them. If you want to incorporate gabions into your garden, consider creating some gabion benches. To do so, simply create two very simple box-shaped gabions, then place a plank of wood between them. Since you can make the gabions to be any height you wish, it’s a great idea to make a variety of styles and sizes for your garden, since this will let young children take advantage of the benches as well.

4- Garden Pond or Fountain

If you want to add a pond or fountain to your garden, add a pond liner to the inside of the wire cage, then simply add water to whatever level you desire. Stock it with some beautiful rocks, plants, or even fish, and you have a great place to dip your toes on a hot summer day.

5- Raised Flower Beds

By using gabions to make raised flower beds, you’ll reap many benefits. Not only will they look great, but the rocks inside the gabion will allow water to flow very easily, helping nurture your flowers. Also, they can be placed virtually anywhere in your garden, giving it plenty of color and beauty that will change with the seasons.

6- Privacy Fence

If you want a privacy fence that will be durable, long-lasting, and stand out from the crowd, use a gabion. Along with being able to put a privacy fence anywhere you wish, you can also add whatever additional decor you wish to it, enabling you to make it as unique and beautiful as you wish.

7- Use Different Types of Filler

While most gabions use large rocks as filler, you don’t necessarily have to use rocks as your only option for fillers. Instead, be creative and let your imagination run wild with the possibilities. As an example, many people choose to use wooden logs, seashells, colored glass, or pieces of brick or pottery for their gabions. Or if you are on a really tight budget, you can be like others and instead use pine cones or straw. When it comes to designing gabions, the possibilities are endless, even if your budget is not.

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