6 Ways To Stay Cool While Wearing Compression Socks

person wearing red socks near mountain

Compression socks are affordable, comfortable, convenient, and excellent at improving circulation. But during the high-temperature months of the year, compression socks can make wearers a bit warm and uncomfortable. To enhance circulation, the socks hug the legs and the skin, and when the sun is shining and the temperature is nearing 100 degrees, the circulation boosters can become hot.


To the benefit of those who wear compression socks, there are some simple, easy, and straightforward ways to stay cool during the summer.


Let’s take a look at six ways to stay cool and comfortable while wearing compression socks when the weather is hot!


1. Take the Compression Socks Off at Night


This tip is equal parts medical advice and a suggestion to stay cool. Compression socks are meant to improve circulation during the day, when wearers are up and about. During the night, however, when individuals are stationary and situated horizontally on beds, compression socks can cut off circulation. It is imperative that compression socks be removed before going to sleep.


Incidentally, adhering to recommended use procedures concerning compression socks will also help wearers to stay cool during hot summer nights.


Talk about a win-win situation.


2. Pull the Socks Down


Compression socks need to be worn consistently to have a positive impact on the wearer, but here’s a little secret: A 15-minute break from wearing won’t be the end of the world. If on sweltering and quick-moving days one’s compression socks are irritating the skin, it’s okay to pull them down and let the skin breathe. Just be sure to completely pull them back up when the break is finished.


3. Wear Shorts


The latter tip—and, in a sense, all the other tips featured on this list—will only be effective if compression-sock users also wear shorts. Moreover, shorts will help to make compression socks cooler and more comfortable in a general sense, and so they are recommendable in more ways than one.


There’s no need to be embarrassed when wearing compression socks; they are tried-and-proven medical tools that bring with them no shortage of health benefits. And here’s what’s most important to remember when wearing compression socks: they’re just that—socks. Everyone wears them, but some of these socks are taller than others.


That’s all there is to it.


4. Turn on the Air Conditioning


For as affordable as air conditioning is to operate in moderation, many people are hesitant to do so because they believe it’ll cost an arm and a leg. It doesn’t cost an arm and a leg—in fact, it only costs a few dollars to operate central air for eight hours, and it costs even less than that to operate window units.


Compression-sock wearers can stay cool by turning on their air conditioning. When it’s painfully hot outside, the air should probably be turned on in any event, but compression socks provide additional incentive to take the dive and stay comfortable.


5. Enjoy a Cool Treat


Legs’ temperature can be reduced by decreasing body temperature, and reducing body temperature on a hot day is as straightforward as partaking in a cool treat. Ice cream is delicious, and popsicles are healthy options for individuals who’re watching what they eat. Similarly, lemon ice and shaved ice are affordable, tasty, and refreshing snacks—especially on scorching days.


6. Hit the Pool


Swimming provides exercisers with many benefits and advantages, including improved muscle health and circulation. As such, compression-sock wearers can ditch their socks for an hour or two while cooling off in the pool, thereby having fun and aiding their circulation. After getting out of the pool, swimmers’ legs should be completely dried (and potentially powdered, to absorb excess moisture) before being covered once again by compression socks.


Medical professionals recommend that compression socks not be worn while swimming, as the absorbed moisture can irritate the skin.


It’s not impossible to stay cool and comfortable while wearing compression socks in the heat. A little bit of foresight and initiative will go a long way, and wearers will get the best of both worlds—breathtaking weather and optimal circulation.


Thanks for taking the time to read, and here’s to compression socks and beautiful weather!

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