6 Ways to Incorporate Nautical Décor in a Bedroom Design

Nautical decor is one of the many coastal design themes homeowners can select to decorate their home. The beach theme brings the beachfront into any desired room. If a homeowner wants to incorporate this theme into the bedroom, it allows experimentation. Research and plan accordingly to achieve the dream result. However, there are six foundational ways to do this successfully.

1- Decorate Based on These Colors

Traditional nautical colors are blue and white. As far as the shade of blue desired, choose a blue shade that is soothing and eye-pleasing. It should channel the water, evoke a relaxing vibe upon entry, and appear crisp and clean. White softens and balances the blue shade. The third color is the pop of color standing apart from the dominating blue and white combination. The most acceptable color is red; it has the American look. Secondary, yet lesser known colors are beige, apricot, or light brown; the shades resemble sand.

2- Incorporate Nautical Stripes

It wouldn’t be a complete nautical bedroom without stripes. The stripes stand apart from other coastal themes. Acceptable stripes are blue and white horizontal lines or red and white horizontal lines that are large and noticeable. Since the stripes are mandatory, homeowners can emphasize or de-emphasize stripes based on preference. De-emphasize the stripes by adding it on a pillow, lamp shade, or bedding accessories. Amplify the stripes by plastering it on an accent wall.

3- Add Nautical-Acceptable Accessories

There are two ways to approach nautical decor with accessories. The first is blending the beach theme with traditional accessories. Pillows, bedding, blankets, curtains, lamps, artwork, and storage solutions could include the nautical color or stripe pattern into the room. Try white curtains, blue bedding, and blue and white striped rugs capped with lighthouse paintings as an emerging idea and build from there. An alternative solution is replacing the beach painting with beach vacation photos. Ensure each accessory fits the theme and provides a purpose before adding it into the bedroom.

4- Focus on Texture Accessories

The second way to add accessories is to incorporate beach-themed elements into the bedroom. Oar, driftwood, lifebuoy, fishing nets, sailor flags, and anchor style accessories offer the rough, realistic beach texture necessary in coastal design. Beach-resembling elements with impressive detail are toy boats, miniature life houses, distressed wood paintings, maps, and a ship inside a bottle. Understand that less is more, so pick three or four textured accessories as it’s easy to overdo the beach theme.

5- Invite Elements of Nature

Complete the theme by adding nature-inspired accessories into the bedroom. A basic nature theme is wood and bamboo as window shades or flooring. A more advanced nature theme is incorporating rope, sand, coral, sea plants, seashells, and a fish-filled tank. All embrace nature and offer impressive texture. Like the texture accessories, less is more with nature, so pick two or three elements to invite into the bedroom.

6- Convert Furniture into the Nautical Theme

The bed is the center of nautical design. Decorate it first. Add a wood headboard or white bed curtains if needed. Nightstands, dressers, and portable storage solutions should follow the bed’s lead. Antique furniture, wood furniture, or furniture painted red, blue, white, or a sandy shade is welcome. Changing furniture hardware is also acceptable. Not all furniture needs to meet nautical requirements, but most do. Top the furniture with lightweight fabrics such as cotton. Add only three mismatched patterns to avoid a messy and jumbled results.

The nautical theme is a niche part of coastal design, but it’s bold. The blue and white neutrals can stand out or blend in depending on shade chosen. It makes the room pop without resorting to loud and crazy colors. If the bedroom needs a little adventure, the nautical theme is worth considering. The results are breathtaking.

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