6 Step to Reclaiming Your Life After Addiction

After getting treatment for addiction, you may be wondering, “what now?” You may not know exactly where to go from here or what to do. You need to relax and make a plan for how to move forward. Here are 6 steps for reclaiming your life after addiction.
1. Get healthy all around
Drugs and alcohol severely affect your health. It hurts everything from your internal organs to your skin. Getting clean means getting healthy. Since you have a new focus on your health, it’s a good idea to really take this seriously. This means getting healthy in other ways, too.
Start a diet and an exercise plan. It will give you something to focus on and make your feel better physically. When you feel good on the outside, it can help you feel better on the inside. It also helps teach you discipline. Plus, when you put so much effort into your health, you won’t want to curb your progress with a relapse.
2. Keep going to meetings and therapy
After you get treatment, you might think that you have things under control. Meetings and therapy are time-consuming. Some people may even find them kind of boring or stupid. However, it’s a good environment for people fighting addiction. There are trained professionals and people who understood what you’re going through. It will remain a source of support, especially when the cravings start to come back.3. Apologize to the people you hurt
While you struggled with addiction, the people in your life struggled as well. Whether you stole in a moment of desperation or simply neglected the people in your life due to your addiction, it’s time to make amends. Talk to your loved ones and apologize for your actions. This will help mend the relationships you may have possibly injured. It’s important to remember that some people might not accept your apology or take longer to accept your apology.

4. Stay away from bad influences/places
All addicts are at risk of falling back into old habits. The cravings never go away. Therefore, it’s a good idea to stay away from people who use or places where you could get your drug of choice easily. Eliminating this temptation will make the road to recovery much better. You may not be able to get rid of all of the addicts in your life. However, you can limit the amount of time you spend with them. You can also insist that they don’t use in front of you if that will be a temptation.

5. Find a creative outlet
Many people become addicted to drugs and alcohol to escape from some intense emotions they carry with them every day. These emotions can include depression, failure, anxiety, family problems, stress, fear, excitement, grief, and anger. When you stop using the drugs, the emotions still live inside of you. You need to find a way to handle those emotions.
One of the best ways to manage negative or overwhelming emotions is to find a creative outlet. Whether it involves music, art, or acting, being creative is a way to express yourself. While drugs are a way to escape from these emotions, art is a way to embrace the emotions.

6. Focus on work
Your addiction probably affected your work life and your income. You need to get back on your feet financially to be stable to help the people around you. Focus on work. Work extra hours and earn that money. It will give you the opportunity to feel good about yourself. Plus, it’s a productive distraction from the drugs. You will be too busy and have too much responsibility to take drugs anymore.

Successfully fighting an addiction takes a lot of work. However, it’s just the beginning. You will have to struggle with your addiction for the rest of your life. When you take the right steps, you limit the likelihood of a relapse.

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