6 Original Gifts for Mother’s Day

Whether she’s your friend, your mother, or your sister, you want to show your appreciation for her on Mother’s Day. If you’re not sure what to get her, then try one of these original Mother’s Day gift ideas. Remember that it’s about the thought rather than the investment you made into the gift.

1. Baby Gear

Baby gear makes the perfect gift for the new mom or the mom who’s planning to expand her family. Between baby showers and gender reveal parties, the mom in your life may be registered at a particular store. But you can always check if there’s one thing that she doesn’t have. Find out if she needs a baby carrier, baby-proofing products, or feeding supplies.

It may be costly and difficult for her to get all of the things she needs while taking care of her family. Giving her the gift of baby gear can provide her with the help she needs.

2. Picture Frame or Photo Album

Sometimes it’s hard to hold onto those memories. The years seem to go by so fast, and your mother may need help remembering it as she gets older. A picture frame or photo album is a better gift than a digital photo album or smartphone that’s filled with photos. It has a personal element, and there’s nothing like looking through print photos.

Other ideas include baby books or journals where she can record memories of her newborn. Both gifts are ideal for recording memories, milestones, and personalized thoughts. Or, you can consider getting her keepsakes such as birth certificate holders or footprint kits, both of which will provide her with beautiful memories as a new mom.

3. Spa Gift Basket

Since she spends a lot of time taking care of her family, why not give her a gift to focus on herself? A spa gift basket always makes a great gift. Instead of buying a gift basket, consider doing it yourself. Maybe add a collection of her favorite teas and chocolates along with the essential oils she always raves about.

Include a gift card to the local spa if you’re feeling especially giving. Just make sure to pre-book babysitting services beforehand, even if that means volunteering those services yourself, for free.

If you’re someone who’s good with doing nails or massaging, then you could offer to give her a manicure or massage while her children are playing or sleeping.

4. Smart Assistant

One thing that can be said about moms is that they never get enough help. Between caring for her children and juggling multiple tasks, her work is never done. She could use a personal assistant. A smart assistant is an automated tool that responds to voice commands or questions. It allows her to make hands-free phone calls or text messages, stay organized, and play her favorite music.

Technology is getting better with new features being rolled out on a regular basis. The most common types of smart devices include smartphones, smart speakers, smart thermostats, and smartwatches. Most moms appreciate getting a smart device that comes in a tiny package that won’t get knocked down.

5. Clothing & Accessories

Receiving clothing and accessories on Mother’s Day sounds less than unique. But you can make it a memorable experience that she won’t forget. Consider getting her a monogrammed tote bag, which she can use to carry her personal belongings as well as her child’s belongings.

If she recently gave birth to a new baby, there’s a possibility that she’s having a hard time finding the right clothes to work. Her pre-baby clothes are too tight while her maternity clothes are too loose. Just the right amount of accessories can make it easier for her to repeat outfits. For example, a beautiful scarf in a colorful pattern can freshen up any outfit.

You can also consider getting her a fashion subscription service. She’ll receive new clothes every month. She can keep the items she wants and return the rest. Or, make a day of it and hire a personal stylist who can help her get a post-baby wardrobe.

6. Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers are always the perfect gift for Mother’s Day. If her favorite flowers are in season, then it’s a no-brainer. If you don’t know her favorite flowers, then consider getting a colorful bouquet of Gerbera daisies or tulips that are in season. Other popular for Mother’s Day include David Austin English Rose, Sugar-Sweet Lilac, dianthus, and heliotrope.

While some flowers may not feel as unique as the other gift options, there’s a reason why flowers sell well around Mother’s Day. If your mother has a green thumb, consider getting potted plants delivered to her door. Some of the most popular kinds include blue hydrangea, pink calla lily, pink lily orchids, and tropical peace lily.

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