6 Facts Everyone Should Know About Reloading Brass

Reloading brass is one part of a full firearm cartridge, and it can be refilled with the other components to create a usable round. It can be brand new, but it is just as common for people to reload brass that has already been used. Plenty of shooters do it, either to save money or just for fun, and there are a few things that everyone with an interest in shooting should know about the brass and why people reload it.

It Saves Money

It is much cheaper to buy a package of reloading brass and all of the components to make a new round than it is to buy finished ammunition. The difference is big enough that many shooters do take up reloading purely so that they can save money and stretch out their shooting budget. Most people will find that reloading causes them to shoot more often instead of reducing the amount of money that they spend on shooting, but that is still big gain for people that love to spend time at the range!

It Conserves Resources

Most shooters appreciate the benefits of conserving resources for future generations, and using reloading brass is a good way to do that. Every reloaded round saves the brass that would have gone into producing a brand new one. A single cartridge has a minimal impact on the environment, but they add up quickly, especially in places where there are a lot of shooters. The environment is one area where every little bit really does help, and the other benefits of reloading make it very easy to contribute to the environment by opting for brass over finished ammo.

It Can Be Fun

People who enjoy working with their hands often discover that they enjoy reloading ammunition for its own sake. The act of producing the ammo is a little bit repetitive, but it does offer the satisfaction of completing a job and a certain degree of tranquility. There are a lot of variables to consider when picking components, so reloading is also a hobby that has some benefits for people that like to work with their minds. Relatively few people get started with reloading just because they want to have fun with it, but most people who take it up do end up enjoying it.

It is Safe

Some people are concerned that reloading brass might be dangerous because it has already been used, but that is not the case. While brass does eventually wear out, it normally takes many shots for it to reach that point. Most brass that people buy has only been fired once, so it generally isn’t an issue except for people who frequently reload their own brass. That having been said, it is always a good idea to inspect the brass before using it, just to make sure that there are no defects that could cause problems when the brass is used. It is always best to take a little bit of time to play it safe!

It Offers Customization

Ammo companies tend to produce a few round sin each caliber, and those rounds are generally the ones that have sold the best in the past. They do that because it simply isn’t economical to produce specialized ammunition in large quantities because there are so few buyers. Reloading enthusiasts do not have that problem. They can add whichever components they want, and that enables them to make customized rounds that can give them better performance than anything that they could buy in bulk.

It Encourages Good Habits

The average person will appreciate an object that they make with their own hands far more than anything that they buy at a store. Reloading old brass teaches people to respect their ammo. It also helps to teach patience and the ability to work through a long task because it can take a long time to reload a lot of ammo. Those things are valuable, but the modern world can make it hard to learn them from other environments. That means that reloading can be useful at a purely mental level, especially for people who need to develop those mental skills.

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