6 Best Shoes For Moms This Fall

If there is something moms everywhere agree on, its that we don’t always get enough time to take care of ourselves. In order to make sure that kids, job, house, dog, and even spouse are taken care of, we often put our own needs and desires on the back burner.

One often neglected area that we all need to put a little more time into is our fashion profile–specifically, our shoe collection. I have been guilty on more than one occasion of putting my teenage daughter’s slip ons before running out of the house to do errands.

No more, busy moms! It’s time that we reclaim our individuality and our fabulous fashion sense by making the investment in some rocking shoes. These shoes must be comfortable, these shoes must be stylish, these shoes must keep up with you and all the demands of your busy schedule, and these shoes must be as fashion forward as you are. Here are some shoes that fit all of these requirements, and more. Enhance your closet and invest in yourself as you make these a part of your fall wardrobe:

Ballet Flats

For a practical and comfortable shoe that is now more versatile and stylish than ever, you must purchase a pair of ballet flats. This type of shoe is grab and go–it will allow you to get your chores done, carry your children around, and transition to different activities without missing a beat. With shoes in virtually every color of the rainbow and embellishments like bows and straps, you are bound to find something that fits your personal style and your budget.

Flat Fashion Boots

These are a staple in my closet–they make me look good, they make me feel good, and they are comfortable. Keeping feet warm and dry during the fall and winter season is important, as is the need to stay on the go safely during bouts of inclement weather. Leather or rubber outsoles are quite practical, as they repel moisture while keeping feet protected from the elements. Purchase these babies a half a size larger to accommodate thicker socks.

Cross Trainers

We know you run around—who are we kidding? Whether your pace is a leisurely stroll on light days or pedal to the pavement on those busy days when you are tackling many tasks at once, a supportive pair of cross trainers will allow you to run from the gym to shopping trip to parent-teacher conference without the need to change footwear.

Stylish Sandals

Even in fall and winter, some occasions call for sandals. For trips to the indoor pool, lounging around in the house, or simply slipping something on for outdoor work in the yard, having a pair of sandals that you can slip on is essential.

Cozy Slippers

You deserve to have a pair of warm, fuzzy, cozy slippers to wind down in at the end of a long day. Not only will the extra warmth on your toes and feet be relaxing, but they protect against the cold when getting out of bed and wandering outside for the occasional trip to the garage.

Kickin High Heels

Every mom has a strong and sexy side; it is important to keep an amazing pair of high heels at your disposal for important nights out and high profile meetings at the office. They make you look imposing, they make you feel empowered, and they are the epitome of female fashion expression in footwear. You may be a busy mom, but never forget that you are a sexy vixen as well–put on those heels and get ready for a night out on the town!

There is no need to sacrifice style for comfort–with the array of colors and styles now available for busy women on the go, you will no doubt find something to fit your wardrobe needs as well as your budget needs. Embrace all the sides of you, and express your unique fashion sense through your amazing footwear!

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