5 Ways Technology is Making Parking Garages More Efficient

5 Ways Technology is Making Parking Garages More Efficient

Keeping up with the latest technologies is becoming more and more difficult. Since technology is affecting virtually every sector of our lives, no stone is left unturned. In fact, if you are not actively looking for the more recent advances in the technology world, it only takes a few months to be left completely behind. To prove this point, you may want to know what is actually happening with parking garages and new advancements in technology.

First of all, you need to know what types of technologies are currently driving this industry and how things will work in the future. To answer this question, you also need to know these 5 ways technology is making parking garages more efficient.

1. Smart Parking

Just like the world has become familiar with smartphones and other smart technology, the future of parking will also be depending on this type of technology. In fact, the move to automation in this industry is leading everyone to smart parking. Additionally, as this kind of technology continues to thrive and evolve over time, the need for a solution to reduce traffic congestion is one of the primary reasons why smart parking has become so relevant. One of the most essential reasons involves determining what smart parking means and why this kind of parking will be more efficient. In short, smart parking can be described as a system that assists drivers in identifying vacant spots quickly These systems are added advantage for drivers who want to park as soon as possible without unnecessary delays. Therefore, instead of a driver looking for a parking space manually in a small or large parking lot, this system will automatically detect a vacant spot by sensor activation technology features.

2. Parking Lot Rainbow Management Technology

Once you have parked your car in the garage of your favorite mall or retail store, your only thoughts may be to get to where you need to go quickly. Unfortunately, if you leave your vehicle without notating the parking row and space, you may have a difficult time finding your own car when you return. Whatever the case, this is one scenario that is not unique to many vehicle owners today. Thankfully, to solve these and other related problems in the future, finding your vehicle can be made easy with a parking lot rainbow management system. By using this kind of system, you can always find your vehicle based on a specific color-coded theme and configuration system.

3. Unmanned Secure Parking Lots for Ecommuters = Pay to Park Bike Stations

As this mobile generation looks to find new innovative ways to accommodate the new evolution of parking garages, you cannot leave out the ecommuters that ride their bikes to work. Therefore, experts in this industry are designing parking lots with pay-to-park bicycle stations. For instance, if you want to have peace of mind while you work in California, you can pay $8.00 a month to buy secured space in an unmanned parking lot.

4. Robotic Parking Lots

If you are running a parking lot today, you need to know what the future holds. Since new technological advances impact how these parking lots are being set up and run, you need to find out what your new role will be. For instance, the old parking lot attendant will be a part of the past since compatible custom configurations will be used to create the space that is needed in the future. Simply put, entire buildings will be used to accommodate layouts of robotic parking lots to increase the number of cars that can be parked.

5. Real-time – Smart Parking Using IoT

To decrease the time that it takes to find a parking space, you can use IoT (internet of things) systems. With the use of these systems, drivers can find vacant spaces real-time without having to drive around for 10 minutes to find a space that they can park.

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