5 Sneaky Ways Your Kitchen Remodel Will Take Longer Than Expected

Remodeling the kitchen is one of the smartest projects any homeowner can take on. The process often gives you a healthy return on your investment. However, the kitchen is also one of the busiest areas of the household. Knowing how long a remodel will take and where the project can possibly be lengthened can help you stay on a reasonable timeline while reducing any household disruptions.

1. Opting for DIY or Contractors

Your remodeling timeline varies because DIY and contracting work will always differ. If you’re looking for a simple remodel, such as painting the kitchen and replacing the appliances, a DIY project may take a few weeks. Your timeline fits into your personal schedule. Taking time off of work or performing the tasks over the weekend will define the project’s length.

Overhauling the kitchen with a contractor’s help, however, can take a few months. They’ll plan, design and obtain permits for the work.┬áContractors are meant to be hired for those major projects. Gutting the entire kitchen will disrupt the household, but it’ll be a brand new space in only a few months.

2. Dealing With Plumbing Issues

Some remodeling projects are finally commenced because the family is dealing with plumbing issues. Leaks from the sink or dishwasher prompt changes in the kitchen, for example.

Be aware that any repairs associated with a remodeling project will take time. The sink and pipes must be accessed and repaired first. There may be more damage than you realize, such as water-damaged wood. Hire a plumber if necessary so that the work can be done right the first time.

With the plumbing issues solved, your remodeling plans can move forward. The time involved with any plumbing concerns will vary. It’s realistic to expect several weeks of project time to incorporate both the plumbing repairs and remodeling tasks.

3. Tiling the Backsplash

You might have a relatively simple renovation in mind. Painting the kitchen and adding a new backsplash are the main goals. Be aware that a DIY tiling project for the backsplash will be time consuming. In fact, this task can take several days of cutting, fitting and adhering the tiles onto the wall.

Be aware that tiles must also have curing times. The adhesive takes several hours to a couple days to fully dry, depending on the regional weather. Grouting the tile is practically a project itself. Allow at least a week to install a backsplash around your entire kitchen. Its final appearance will be worth the effort, but it must be done in the proper steps.

4. Replacing or Refinishing the Cabinets

Replacing the cabinets is extremely costly, but the time commitment is minimal. It might take a single day to remove the old cabinets and add the new ones onto the wall with a contractor’s assistance.

A cost-effective task for any kitchen is refinishing the original cabinets. You might stain or outright paint the cabinets a fresh color. This process can take several weeks, depending on the kitchen’s size. It’s not just the painting process that takes time either. The preparation work involves cleaning and sanding the cabinets. You might consider painting the interiors too. Don’t skip any of the steps for the sake of time. Attractive cabinets sell a home.

5. Building an Island

Island installations can add efficiency to the kitchen. It brings the key work spaces, including the refrigerator, stove and sink, together in a large kitchen.

Keep in mind that building an island for your kitchen will take considerable time. Depending on the desired amenities, such as a sink on the island, there might be plumbing and electrical work involved with the actual buildout.

Ideally, a contractor should be brought into the picture on this project. Their design and permitting expertise will technically save you time and frustration. They may even suggest another idea for those smaller kitchens. An island may be a dream addition in your mind, but it can’t fit into every home.

Keep the bigger picture in mind as you’re in the depths of the project. The work may be tiring right now, but the end result is a beautiful kitchen that adds value to the home. A future sale may be a lucrative one.

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