5 Things You Should Never Wash Down Your Sink

A clogged sink is just about the most unpleasant household inconvenience that exists, but it’s not just unpleasant and inconvenient. If you have to call an expert to unclog that sink, it can get expensive very quickly. While no one person can prevent the possibility of a clog, there are a few things that you 100% never ever wash down a sink drain unless you want a massive clog and a high plumber’s bill. Since you don’t want a clog, or a large plumber’s bill, memorize these 5 major things to keep away from that sink drain.

1. Coffee grains

Most non-morning people agree that coffee is one of nature’s best inventions, and we all thank God for coffee. Your sink won’t ever thank God for coffee, though. Many plumbers agree that coffee grounds are among the number one things that cause clogs in sink drains. Throw those grounds in the trash!

2. Grease

Grease and other oils don’t belong anywhere near a sink drain. Plumber’s estimate that 47% of sewer overflows come because someone has forgotten the golden rule of never washing grease or oils down a sink drain. Not only do they sit in wait in drains and cause blockages, but they are a magnet for things like eggshells, create a huge super form that eventually stops anything trying to flow through your pipes.

3. Boiling water

Here’s one you might not have ever heard before. Water that’s hotter than 140 fahrenheit can actually melt plastic pipes. Many urban areas use plastic pipe systems that can be damaged by putting boiling water through those pipes. Let the water cool and then drain!

4. Food

Most folks have been guilty of letting those last few little bits of food on the place quietly disappear down a kitchen drain. Here’s the problem: a little bit of food quickly becomes a lot of food that can clog that drain. Scrape those plates good. You can pay dearly for it if you don’t.

5. Hair

Hair disappears very easily from your sinks, but it never disappears from your pipes. A large wad of hair isn’t something most folks want to confront on any level, but for some folks it’s out of sight out of mind. Instead of removing hair from a sink, you might just wash it down the drain with some handy water. A drain protector will catch almost all of the hair that comes its way so that you don’t even have to worry about looking around for all that loose hair. Hair can definitely cause a massive clog in plumbing systems and should never be allowed to flow down a sink.


Each one of these objects can cause a massive clog in your plumbing system. Sadly, most plumbers see these scenarios on an almost daily basis. Someone has been flushing coffee down a sink for years without even thinking about it. Suddenly, there’s a plumber, and plumber’s bill, standing there to face down. If you want to avoid all this drama and the ensuing clogs, you can simply make sure that you have a drain protector and never, ever wash things like coffee grounds, hair, or grease down your sink. Your sink will thank you for it, and most importantly, your wallet will thank you for it.

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