5 Signs You Should Remove That Tree In Your Yard

Trees are important for the overall value of residential properties as long as they are well-kept. Trees that have been planted and nurtured by property owners are fantastic additions to a home’s landscape, and even trees that have naturally grown on a property can still be great for its overall appeal. But sometimes things happen to these trees that require them to be removed because they either pose a safety risk, or they just no longer look right on the property. How do you know if you should try to treat a tree back to good health or remove it? Consider five signs that are common with unhealthy or damaged trees.
1. The Tree Isn’t Growing Leaves When It Should Be

Some decaying trees are pretty easy to spot, especially deciduous trees that should be growing healthy green leaves during the spring and summer months. If you don’t see them, there’s a good chance the tree is decaying and may fall over. If a tree is in very bad shape, you may hear some creaking and moaning from the weight of its limbs, a sign that some leafless trees will also exhibit. You should have a tree like that removed as soon as possible.

2. Mushrooms Or Fungi Are Growing A Lot Near Its Base

If you see a lot of mushrooms starting to form near the base of a tree trunk, there’s a good chance its roots could be starting to rot. Some mushrooms can grow on trees without them being much affected, but most are a disease that will attack the tree and weaken its roots and interior. That’s why it’s important to avoid activities on trees that could damage the bark either by penetrating into it, or ripping it off. Even with very thick trees, mushrooms growing on them could mean damage is imminent, and you should consider removing trees infected with spores especially if a tree care specialist recommends it.

3. The Tree Has Begun Losing Branches Or Leaning

Other signs that a tree has problems are if more branches than usual start dropping from it. Large limbs especially can be a major hazard to people and animals walking through the yard, and these branches falling are usually the tree pruning itself when it can no longer support them. Trees in bad condition can also start leaning a bit too much. Sometimes bad storms end up causing this due to strong winds and sometimes lightning, but other times a tree leaning is a result of inner decay. Branches that are growing too close together and growing unnaturally usually start causing the tree to lean, and if you’re seeing these unusual growth patterns, action should probably be taken.

4. The Roots Are Starting To Become A Menace

Sometimes tree roots get out of control and become so big that they ruin your lawn. Maybe you’re having to work around them when you’re using the lawn mower, or maybe they’re starting to get too close to the house. Out of control root growth could also be a problem for your water supply lines as it might damage the pipes and cost you a lot in repairs. For these kinds of tree problems, not only do you usually need to remove the tree but the stump should come out or have a grinder run on it to make sure the roots are stopped.

5. Branch Removal Would Not Be A Good Option

Different arborists can have differing views on whether or not overgrown branches being removed would help or hurt the tree. In some cases, cutting or pruning these branches using the methods that professional tree care experts use could save the tree and help it grow stronger. But if branch removal puts the tree’s core in jeopardy, it’s probably better to completely remove it. If you believe your yard would look better with a tree in the place where your current tree is being removed from, some arborists recommend planting a newer smaller tree that grows slower under it.

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