5 Reasons to Have Your Car Serviced at the Dealership

Regular car maintenance is vital for your vehicle. If your car needs repairs or a standard tuneup, you have to decide where to take it. Should you bring it to a private mechanic or take it to the dealership? There are advantages to taking your car to the dealership that you should consider at the next car appointment.

Complete Diagnosis

Dealerships will provide you with a complete breakdown of your vehicle. Mechanics or private shops will typically only fix what’s broken and call it a day. A vehicle diagnosis will target any issues that need to be addressed before they become bigger problems. Many dealerships will provide a free diagnosis whenever you complete other services such as oil changes. Following the recommended service intervals will also keep your car under warranty.


The dealership will carry all of the parts for your vehicle, making the process to service your car a lot faster. Most dealerships work on an appointment system to make a quick and seamless service. The technicians will know exactly how to pinpoint the issues for your specific car. Private mechanics can be booked for an entire week, and you cannot afford to go that long without your vehicle. Nothing is more frustrating than being without your car.

Certified Mechanics

Mechanics at a Hyundai dealership are trained to handle those particular makes and models. They must demonstrate a high level of competency by gaining knowledge such as the Automotive Service Excellence certification. Mechanics at garages service all different types of cars daily. Many times they have to make an educated guess about the problems at hand. Technicians at the dealership can use the most updated technology to service your vehicle correctly the first time. You’ll save in the long run by not having to bring your car back and forth multiple times.

Customer Service

It’s hard to compare with the professionalism that you get at a dealership. It sure beats sitting in a garage and smelling like smoke. The service personnel at the dealerships are evaluated based on how they treat customers. This accountability system ensures that you have a positive interaction at every visit. It’s also nice to load up on snacks and treats from the onsite cafeteria or coffee bar. Dealerships also offer shuttle service or loaner cars for repairs that take longer than a day.

Guaranteed Work

Dealers will perform repairs for free if your car is still under warranty. Dealers will also provide guarantees for their work for repairs done outside of the warranty period. You can visit any dealership and have your job completed. If you opt to lease a car, you can include all maintenance plans into your monthly payment. Flat tires, oil changes, and preventative maintenance can all become hassle-free. You can let the dealership handle the headache of keeping your vehicle in top condition.

A car is a significant financial investment, so consider the advantages of taking it to your local dealer. Dealerships can have a bad reputation for higher costs, but the saying “you get what you pay for” holds in this situation. Make sure to get your name on the dealer’s mailing list to get coupons and discounts. Dealerships also can provide perks for loyal customers who continue to use their services.

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