5 Facts About Your Battery to Understand Them Better

When you first bought your PC or smartphone, the battery was amazing. You could charge it once a day, and the full battery would go for an entire day and sometimes even longer before getting completely drained. However, with time the battery started lasting less than 12 hours, then it went down to 8 hours before finally, you cannot even get four decent hours of continuous charge before the battery dies. Well, in theory, and advertisement, smartphone batteries are supposed to last 400 hours or a similar number, but the reality is very disappointing. If you have been carrying your charger everywhere and plugging it into everything to get proper charge, it is time to learn a few facts that will help you handle phone battery life.

1. Unused apps consume a lot of battery power too.

One of the most important rules which you need to understand about the use and application of smartphones is that the more the applications that you have running at any time, the more they will be draining your battery power. There are many applications which we download for one-time use, and then realize that they might not be the best fit for the function that we wanted them to play. To optimize battery use, go through your gadget and uninstall every app that you have not used for the past few months.

2. The more you close apps, the faster the battery drain.

There was a time in the past that one of the hyped battery-saving tips was to always close apps that you are not using. While this may have been seen as the best way to save battery life, it could actually harm your battery, especially if it is an application that you keep checking throughout the day. For instance, instead of closing an app like Instagram or logging out and then logging back in every hour, when you leave it running in the background, you will be able to access it the next time that you decide to peep a look. The phone will ‘remember’ where you left off and without causing too much damage to your battery life.

3. App notifications will take their toll on your battery life.

Another annoying habit that comes with the apps is the push notifications which keeps appearing throughout the day. This and that person started a live video, watch it before it ends, that person posted a new story, view it now. These are obviously meant t keep you updated with what is happening in the app world, but it does take its toll on the life of your battery. To disable push notifications for Android, go to settings and narrow down to sounds and notifications. When you locate apps and notifications, disable or block them. The same process applied for iOS. You will be amazed at how much disabled notifications lower your battery usage.

4. Hot spotting ruins battery life

In theory, tethering your phone for WIFI, or what is known as hot spotting will not have any effect on your phone’s battery life. But the reality is that when you start using your phone as a source of WIFI, its battery starts draining faster than it was before and eventually, this extreme drainage ruins your phone’s battery life. This is why there are specific gadgets which are meant to provide internet, and they have robust battery settings to support the draining task. If you are not using your phone’s internet, turn off data and as much as you can, avoid using your phone to tether internet.

5. Manual Screen Brightness will help you preserve battery power.

Another thing that leads to excessive battery draining is the inability to control your phone’s screen brightness. When you allow the phone to use auto brightness control, you will find yourself viewing the phone images and other data with full screen brightness settings, which is a recipe for excessively fast battery drain. However, when you manually dim the screen, you will have a longer battery life. You can actually make the brightness as little as 2 when you are in the dark or when you aren’t using the phone to save battery costs.

Those are five simple but important facts to note about batteries and why they drain fast. Optimize your battery settings for extended battery life and efficient use.

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