5 Benefits of Using Email Encryption on a Regular Basis

For most of us, sending and receiving email is a regular part of our daily lives. With more and more issues revolving around data security making it their way onto our news feeds, the concept of encryption is becoming much more commonplace. For those of you that are not aware: Encryption is a process used in order to manipulate data in such a way that it is rendered undecipherable by anyone who does not have the key required to revert it back to its original form.

While the benefits of encrypting sensitive information such as customer credit cards and Social Security numbers, is obvious, the benefits of email encryption are not always so. Emails can contain a multitude of sensitive information and trade secrets and so encrypting your emails is probably a good idea. If you need further convincing of email encryption’s benefits, continue reading!

1- Protect Company & Trade Secrets

It’s common practice among business and government entities to encrypt company emails in order to protect company and trade secrets. In fact, this is usually the main reason companies adopt this practice! When information regarding company finances and business deals are being sent via email, it is important that only your company and its’ intended recipient can gain access to these emails. No one would like for this information to be made readily available to wrong-doers and so email encryption should be used in these cases! If your business deals with any information you wouldn’t want your competition to get their hands on then the benefits of email encryption should be obvious!

2- Meets HIPAA Compliance

Depending on the nature of your business, and the type of information your company may be storing or transmitting, email encryption may be required in order for you to comply with HIPPA compliance standards! If you’re in the medical field, for example, ensuring that your patients’ information remains private is of utmost importance in order to keep your establishment running. If you fail to meet the compliance standards set up by HIPAA then you risk your company being shut down or sued! Making sure that any emails sent from within your company remain encrypted utilizing email encryption gives you the much-needed confidence that any information regarding your patients is secure and protected from unauthorized access by those who don’t need it!

3- Is Cost Efficient

Most email servers and providers these days include email encryption as an option with no added costs! With everything present and already configured in order for you to begin using email encryption from the get-go, there is really no excuse to not start taking advantage of this amazing technology immediately. Taking advantage of the included email encryption is much more cost effective than going through the damage control procedures that’ll likely be necessary if there is a data breach due to confidential information being leaked to the public via an un-secured email!

4- Is Time Efficiency

Where it once was a requirement that individual files were encrypted using a separate third-party software in order to send private and confidential information securely, nowadays all it takes to encrypt an email with most email clients is to check off a checkbox before hitting send. This added simplicity cuts down on lots of wasted effort and time on both the sender and recipient’s part and makes sending encrypted email and incredibly time efficient task!

5- Increase Trust Amongst Recipients

If you take advantage of email encryption, the chances of your email being hijacked in order to blast your contact list with spam emails will be reduced greatly! Utilizing email encryption, you can add a secure digital signature to all emails you send out so whether or not the recipient has the key required to decipher your encrypted email, they can recognize whether or not your email is authentic just by the digital signature that is either present or absent. Using digital signatures with email encryption will make people much more trusting in you and confident that what they receive from you is genuine.

Wrapping Up

The benefits of email encryption are numerous and hard to argue against. If your business makes regular use of email, which in all likelihood it does, then email encryption should be a part of your security repertoire. Data breaches can ruin a business at worst, and tarnish your reputation at best, so taking your chances with customer information is simply irresponsible. After going over these email encryption benefits, you should now be much more confident in its necessity!

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