3 Kid-Friendly Pieces Of Outdoor Furniture For Your Backyard

Looking to decorate your backyard in a way that will please the entire family? For most adults, it’s easy to find things that are fitting no matter which style they prefer, but finding furniture that is comfortable for children can be a more complicated endeavor.

Especially during the summer months, it can feel like there is a constant need to re-theme your backyard for the next event, changing from children’s birthday parties to 4th of July celebrations, then back and forth between other festivities. Children can also tear apart any setup as quickly as it was installed, so careful consideration with themeing means also taking into account the necessity for flexibility and being able to change things on the fly.

However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t great options out there! In fact, there is plenty of furniture that is not only kid friendly, but also flexible and adjustable so you can coordinate it with the rest of your backyard furniture.

Here are our 3 picks for the best kid-friendly furniture:

Picnic Blankets

It may not seem like something you associate with furniture, but a high quality picnic blanket can take you far. Not only is it a flexible place to set out for a number of children, but it also adds a very homely feel to your backyard. Set it up to let the tots play while you’re barbecuing or even bring it to the beach to sit the whole family for a day of fun in the sun! This piece of furniture can also double as a play object limited only to your children’s imagination: is it a cape? A flying saucer? You’ll find that your child’s creativity can make a picnic blanket not only a great seat, but a beacon for their imagination.

Outdoor Chair Swings

Have a large tree in your backyard? Install an elegant chair swing like this Contemporary Outdoor Lounge Chair for a fun piece of furniture that will be just as fun for the kids as it is for the adults! It can serve as a fun swing for children to play on, or a calming seat for an adult to use like a rocking chair. Regardless the way you want to use it, it can be used in different situations with different purposes.

There is also a wide variety of models you can choose from, some ranging more elegant than others. Keep in mind that you should have a durable tree that can handle a variety of weights, but any landscaper or handyman can give you more info on the exact method of installation and which type of tree is best. If your tree qualifies, this is a really great method of entertainment and relaxation!

Sling Chair

Possibly the most versatile item on our list, a sling chair is kid-friendly and flexible. Not only do sling chairs usually fold for easy access, they also have comfy pouches that accommodate many different weights and preferences for comfort. This means that a backyard full of sling chairs can set the scene for an adult barbeque just as likely as it can a kid-centered birthday party. When the festivities are over, you can carry them away easily and the foldable structure makes them perfect for anybody using their backyard for many different types of events!

Did you find these suggestions helpful? What problems do you run into while finding kid-friendly furniture? Are you planning your next party and need even more options? Check out this feature from HGTV on family-friendly backyard designs for more ideas!

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