3 Convenient Perks of Pre-rolled Marijuana

When it comes to ingesting cannabis, one of the most common and pleasant ways to enjoy the experience is to utilize a marijuana cigarette, or joint.

If you happen to live in an area where medical and/or recreational cannabis is legal, it’s probably pretty likely that the option of purchasing pre-rolled marijuana is available to you.

There are lots of reasons why pre-rolled joints are a preferred method of consuming cannabis, and here are three perks or benefits that are provided by utilizing pre-rolled marijuana.

High Quality Rolling and Neatness

While joints are easy to use and usually provide a nice method of delivering the cannabis to your system, they can be difficult to roll. Whether you’re an experienced toker or new to the world of weed, rolling a joint that burns well and is not too loose or too tight, can be a challenge. With pre-rolled joints, you get a nice, smooth delivery of the product, and they always burn evenly.

When you roll your own joints, you first have to make sure that you have rolling papers on hand. For many people, when they try to roll a joint, it turns out to be unevenly rolled. After you roll the joint, you have to hope it doesn’t ‘canoe’ and burn on only one side.

Because they are rolled so well, pre-rolled joints can be simply conserved by puffing gently. By puffing lightly and putting it out often, one of these products can last for quite a while.

Obviously, you can’t roll a joint in most places, and it can be difficult to find somewhere where it is safe and appropriate to do so. Having a pre-rolled joint on hand requires nothing more than a match or lighter to initiate the product delivery.

Utilizing pre-rolled joints eliminates the need to ‘clean’ the weed of seeds and stalks, and keeps the hands clean from sticky and messy resin. It is very uncommon to find any seeds, stalks or foreign matter in pre-rolled joints.

If you’re visiting somewhere where it is okay to bring cannabis, pre-rolled joints are also very convenient to transport.


If you purchase pre-rolled joints from a store or dispensary, the joints generally contain a pre-determined amount of marijuana. Since they are always the same size, you can easily determine how much of the joint provides desired results, by seeing how much of it has been burned.

If you choose to use a bowl instead of joints, it’s harder to maintain consistency with how much product is consumed, and screens constantly need to be cleaned.

By being able to easily determine how much cannabis you normally consume, it makes it easier to know how much to purchase.

If you consistently partake of pre-rolled joints that are the same size, you will likely be able to fairly accurately gauge the effects of a specific amount of one of them.


For lots of people, it makes more economic sense for them to purchase pre-rolled joints, than to purchase other forms of marijuana products. Most of the other cannabis products that are available at stores and dispensaries tend to cost more than pre-rolled joints.

At most stores and dispensaries, pre-rolled joints are reasonably priced, and you can even purchase just one of them at most medical and recreational facilities. Some stores like to use pre-rolled joints as promotional tools, and offer them for free or at deep discount when other items are purchased.

All things considered, pre-rolled joints are a convenient option for consuming cannabis. Not only do they help to keep usage amounts consistent, but they are economical as well.

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