The Top Misconceptions of Having Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring gets a bad rap a lot, but there are many things that people do not realize the material. With new technologies and techniques, this flooring style can mimic other products and give your space a luxurious look without the expense. Home and Garden Television says laminate can now have the same texture as distressed wood and other characteristics like wormholes.

Laminate is the same thing as vinyl flooring

Vinyl floors come in full sheets, tiles, or strips that can interlock. Laminate flooring has many layers and comes in planks. The middle material is a fiber core that gets other layers put on the top and bottom. The top layer is what the industry calls a wear layer made with melamine that protects the design of the flooring from damage like scuffs, scratches, and watermarks. The top layer can be hand scraped or treated any way a person wants to give it a custom design and feel. A base layer is like padding for your carpet. It quiets the sound of footsteps and provides padding for the laminate.

Laminate can only be replaced

Laminate flooring comes in planks that you can lay in different patterns, cut into shapes, and decorate in any fashion. The best part about this construction is when one piece gets some damage, it is easy to remove and replace. There is no need to tear up the whole floor to fix one bad area when you can spot repair. Even though you are still replacing a piece of the floor, you are not installing an entirely new one. If you know that you have an area that will get marks, knicks, and divots, then you can always buy an extra case of the material to keep at the ready. When furniture leaves marks that will not come out, it will be easy to fix before family gatherings or holiday meals.

Stone and hardwood look better than laminate

Shaw Flooring says that laminate can take on the look and finish of any wood or natural pattern a homeowner wants. All an individual has to do is take a photo of the grain or texture he or she wants, and the manufacturer can custom make the laminate to match the picture. Whether you want a slate floor style or the look of a glossy oak plank in a herringbone pattern, this flooring material is versatile enough to give you the style at a much lower cost than installing new hardwood floors.

A specialist has to install laminate flooring

This myth is old because there are many home improvement programs and DIY videos that show people how to install laminate flooring. Shaw says the planks just click into place and will not come apart. You do not even need to glue every piece to install the floor. Homeowners can put a new floor in a room over the weekend and give a space an entirely new feel without the expense of hiring an expert and paying for professional installation.

Laminate damages easily

While laminate is not as durable as real stone or wood, the protective layer and coatings make it last. You can use this material in high-traffic areas and rooms like bathrooms where water will spill on the floor. The key is to keep the material from getting flooded with puddles of water. A soaking can cause the flooring to absorb the moisture and warp or swell up. Since the material is low maintenance, then you only need a quick damp mop between weekly cleanings to keep a room or home looking nice and neat. Cleaning up spills immediately will reduce the chance of staining and moisture damage.

Laminate flooring is an excellent choice for large homes and property owners on a strict budget. The material is durable, easy to customize, and fast to fix if damage occurs. The product is much lighter than stone, brick, or hardwood making it a preferable choice in rooms where weight limits are present. Because of the customization options, this flooring is an excellent way for homeowners to get a luxury look without paying the higher prices for top-end materials.

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