How To Start A Side Hustle For Your Charity Selling Custom Pins

When it comes to making money for a favorite charity, you want to do all you can to be a success. While many people choose to simply write a check, today’s world offers many more new and exciting opportunities to help various types of organizations. One of the most popular methods of helping charities involves starting what is known in the modern economy as a “side hustle.” Essentially a job done outside the hours of your normal job or other activities, a side hustle can actually prove to be very lucrative if done correctly. If you have been considering starting a side hustle that involves selling custom pins for your charity, here are some tips to make it a grand success.

Find Your Niche

Like any successful business, a side hustle where you sell custom pins will involve finding your niche within the marketplace. With this type of side hustle, it will probably be best to focus on various types of organizations and schools, since it is likely there will be many people in these locations interested in wearing custom pins. Another possibility is creating a niche for yourself within weddings and special events like with groomsmen pins, since these occasions are generally viewed as once-in-a-lifetime moments and are therefore treasured greatly. Whatever your preference, once you find your niche, you’ll be off and running.

Create the Emotional Connection

When you are selling custom pins, you are not only creating a unique piece of jewelry, but also something that will appeal to a person’s emotions. Whether it is a wedding, birth of a child, or a pin that will bring back memories of belonging to a group in high school, custom pins will definitely tug at people’s heartstrings. In addition, use the emotional connection that comes with a person purchasing a pin in support of a charity. Whether your charity focuses on helping animals in need of a home, sick children, homeless individuals, or others in need of help, the emotional connection will be hard for many customers to resist.

Treat it as a Business

While your side hustle may be focused on helping a charity, that does not mean you should not treat it as the business for which it is. As such, be sure you take a variety of factors into consideration when starting your side hustle, such as the initial investment, cost of materials, marketing, and other aspects. By doing so, you will be able to sell custom pins that not only look great and will help bring the charity much needed support, but will also be sustainable.

Selling Online or In-Person

Once you are ready to hit the ground running with your custom pin side hustle, you’ll need to decide if you want to sell online, in-person, or both. In today’s modern economy, it is almost a given that to be successful, at least part of your business will involve online sales. Because of this, you should take a multi-pronged approach to selling your custom pins. Along with opening a store on e-Bay or selling on Amazon or other online merchants, you should also make it a point to sell to family, friends, coworkers, and anyone else you can find. For many groups looking to help charities, partnering with local retailers is a viable option. In many cases, a local grocery store or other retailer will allow your group to set up a table in the parking lot on a Saturday. By doing so, not only will the store be helping a great cause, but also get plenty of free publicity that puts them in a positive light.


While starting a side hustle in order to help a charity can take time, money, and patience, it can also be a business venture that can pay off rather quickly. Once you decide to take the plunge and sell custom pins for your favorite cause, you and your group will be off on a grand adventure. Once people see the beautiful pins filled with significance and pause to listen to your pitch about the philanthropy, your custom pins will be in high demand and you’ll be on your way to making the world a better place.

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