How Car Donations Help Kidney Patients

For many people, being healthy is taken for granted. However, for individuals suffering from kidney disease, each day can be a grueling process. Often centered around dialysis treatments, many people wait years before receiving a kidney transplant. In the meantime, their medical treatments, prescription drugs, and other expenses can mount, often putting them deeply in debt or on the verge of declaring bankruptcy. To help ease the financial burden brought on by kidney disease, many charitable organizations now make it possible for people to donate their cars in an effort to help kidney patients with their medical costs. If you have always wondered how donating a car to charity can help kidney patients, here are some ways that donation is put to good use.

Health Insurance Premiums

For many kidney disease patients, finding affordable health insurance is a struggle. While the Affordable Care Act has made it possible for people who have preexisting conditions to buy insurance, the premiums are still often very high. To help offset these costs, most charitable organizations that offer car donations use portions of the money from the sale of these vehicles to assist kidney patients with paying their health insurance premiums. This is crucial, since failing to have health insurance turns an already serious health matter into one of life-or-death.

Prescription Drugs

Along with the high costs associated with health insurance, many kidney patients also have very high bills associated with purchasing prescription drugs. Since most people are required to take several types of drugs to help their bodies combat their poorly-functioning kidneys, these costs can quickly add up to surpass hundreds or thousands of dollars each month. Therefore, car donations and the money from them often is used to help kidney patients defray the costs of the lifesaving drugs these patients need on a daily basis.

Dialysis Treatments

For many kidney disease patients, dialysis treatments are a way of life. Usually requiring several treatments per week, patients can also find the expenses associated with these treatments costing hundreds or thousands of dollars. Unfortunately, much as they sometimes do with prescription drugs, patients who are having financial difficulties will choose to skip a dialysis treatment session in order to save money. However, since this can worsen their condition, it often leads to even more problems. But thanks to car donations from numerous individuals, many dialysis patients are able to receive their regular number of treatments each week without having to worry about their costs.

Disaster Relief

While a kidney patient’s life is difficult enough under normal living circumstances, it can become much more difficult if they are the victim of a natural disaster. From floods and tornadoes to hurricanes and blizzards, these incidents often lead to losing one’s home and many possessions. For kidney disease patients, this can also mean losing expensive prescription drugs and other medical equipment necessary for their well-being. To help with these situations, many kidney car donation organizations provide disaster relief grants to patients who find themselves suddenly wondering what to do next.


Just as it is important to provide financial assistance and supplies directly to kidney patients, it is also important for lawmakers to realize the plight many of these patients are in each day. Because of this, portions of the money gained from car donations are spent for advocacy on behalf of patients. When done properly, this can be a very effective tool in helping to gain additional funding for research, medical equipment, and other things necessary to help patients now and in the future.

Research Trials

Since scientists are always striving to help find a cure for kidney disease, money is always needed to help fund various studies and clinical trials. From donations of cars, many organizations are able to use portions of these donations to help fund many types of research. Because of research over the years, many new discoveries have been made to help treat kidney disease.

While donating an old car that is beat up, doesn’t run, and has clearly seen better days may seem like an odd way to fight kidney disease, the fact is these donations have been and will continue to be important in the fight to find a cure.

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