4 Important Steps to Successful Fundraising

When you’re starting a fundraiser, planning is the most important phase. You’ll want to set-up everything beforehand so it runs smoothly and you can reach your goals. Before that, you have to know what those goals are and what steps you’re going to take to reach them. Breaking down the steps to ensure your success is the most important thing you can do. Here are 4 steps to successful fundraising.

1. Defining The Fundraiser

Before you even get the start, you’ll have to know for certain who your audience is, what your cause is, what the budget you have for planning the fundraiser is, and who your primary donors are going to be.


What is the fundraiser about? Don’t settle for just saying the name and mission statement. Try to understand more thoroughly who is affected by this, their individual stories, and the emotional aspects of your cause. Knowing your cause’s story is the most important piece of information you’ll have. It will support the rest of the venture and pivot the success. Make sure it plays into the hearts of those who will be giving to the cause.


Determine finite numbers for your goals. Know exactly how many people you want to attend, the amount you wish to rise, and how many donors you want. Having clearly defined goals will make it easier in getting there.


Understanding your budget will help you plant everything to come more efficiently. Make sure all of the numbers are upfront and divided evenly for everything you’ll need. Be judicious with how you spend the budget, prioritizing the things that will give you the biggest and best results.

Knowing who your audience is will go a long way. If you’re in touch with who you’re asking to donate, you can think about what will most effectively reach their hearts and inspire them to give. You can also be sure to communicate with them effectively, depending on where they spend their time in your marketing efforts.

2. Plan the Event

Decide on where you want the event to be held. Is it a digital fundraiser? Or will it be held at a local venue? Determine what type of venue will be able to support all of your needs. Will you be able to comfortably fit everyone you’re inviting or hoping to attend? Does the venue accommodate the equipment you need or can you easier set-up everything? Give plenty of forethought to the place that the fundraising event will be held.

3. Marketing Strategy

Email Marketing
A popular and effective form of marketing is to utilize an email list. The subscribers who have opted in to receive your messages will already be primed and aware of what you’re all about. You can then effective send out a campaign that helps get them excited to be a part of your fundraiser, explains why your cause is so important and urges the value of their contributions.

Social media can be an effective way to reach a new or preexisting audience as well. It may take a little more savvy to get good momentum for outreach, but if you have already got an audience on social media be sure to utilize this powerful tool to let them know what you are doing.

Paid advertising can be a clever and easy way to get outreach. Your ad will be guaranteed to reach a certain number of individuals and bring them to your page or campaign. You can also use this as a smart landing point for getting people to join your email list.

4. Method of Funding

Money avenue
And finally, you will want to ensure you’ve settled all of the bumps out in how you are going to collect forms of payment. There are multiple tools you can use and it’s best to choose something that will be extremely convenient and easy for your audience to use.

If you want your fundraiser to be successful, be sure to plan for success first. If you’re not carefully analyzing every detail of the event, there may be room for less than stellar results. Instead, learn everything you can and make the best event possible!

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